Official Kasane Teto website

We have mentioned in another post that this blog is made by fans of Kasane Teto. Here we’ll talk about the official site.

The official site of Kasane Teto is here:
Kasane Teto official site

It is operated by TWINDRILL, the official Kasane Teto association. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japanese. There is a small section in English, but it only contains the bare minimum: a character license quick guide and a voicebank license quick guide. Readers who check out the latter are rewarded with download links!

Those willing to venture further into the site will find lots of interesting information.
The most obvious sections are the blog feed (“What’s new”) and the Niconico Kasane Teto feed.

Other sections include (a non-exhaustive list):

  • トップ (“toppu” = top): link to official TWINDRILL YouTube channel, and information about video application. This option is not very popular, though. Most song producers prefer NicoNico.
    Pages in this section use a yellow background.
    There’s also a (somewhat odd) database with files that can be downloaded… unless they require a key. Be careful not to accidentally the “[DEL]” buttons!
  • 規約·ガイドライン (“kiyaku·gaidorain” = terms of use · guideline): the pages with green background contain all the serious stuff: legal use, license and such. It’s not that easy to digest, but here is a pair of rules of thumb:
    1. Any commercial use of Kasane Teto is forbidden! Every exception you find out there is a result of a separate agreement.
    2. Do credit the copyright holders and original authors of any work! And, of course, do follow their own additional terms.
  • 音源 (“ongen” = lit. sound source): the voicebank section! This section (with a background color that turns out to be “French Fuchsia” – now you know) contains information about the voicebank: downloads, tips, relevant links, etc. The ダウンロード (“daunrōdo” = download) section here is more complete than its English counterpart, so those who want to play with the older Kasane Teto voicebanks will find here a treasure. There’s also a timeline —音源の歴史 (“ongen no rekishi”)— with details about the evolution of the voicebank.
  • 素材 (“sozai” = images): the blue section contains the official illustrations and logos. The most important of all is the one labelled “重音テト 公式イラスト” (“Kasane Teto kōshiki irasuto” = Kasane Teto official illustration). It’s (almost literally) the mother of all Kasane Teto pictures, the original picture on which all the other ones are based.
    There is also a collection of alternative logos and banners. A note from TWINDRILL about banners:
    TWINDRILL asks you to use your own copy of the banner. That is, if you want to display a banner, you should download it first.
  • 歴史 (“rekishi” = history): the purple section is about the first years of Kasane Teto. For those who don’t know, it’s a story with some unexpected twists, and this story shall also be told. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, it is worthwhile to peruse this section, as it contains some ancient and primitive, “Teto-chan, is that you?!” pictures.
  • etc.: The light pink section contains additional information, mostly targeted to fans: a description of the Kasane Teto character, some details about her creators. And Kasane Ted!
  • ツインドリル (“tsuindoriru” = twin drill): the last, terracotta section is about TWINDRILL itself: members, blog, etc. Do not miss this section, because there are some goodies in there! Specifically, there is a set of very cute Teto cursors! Be aware, though, that they’re designed for Windows, so users of other OS may have trouble installing them. There is also a link to a pack of 3D models (the “enamel toy box”) by Enamel-P. Sadly, the download link is gone. But don’t give up hope yet, you might still find it elsewhere!

Well, that concludes the tour around the official Kasane Teto site. Note that this describes the site as it was in 2013/08/13.


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