Kasane Teto Songs at The Miracle Diva Project

Do you want to listen a lots of new and exciting songs of Kasane Teto?  You are lucky, because now it is easier than ever! All you have to do is visit these YouTube channels:

These are the fabulous channels of The Miracle Diva Project. They are dedicated exclusively to Kasane Teto songs. Although, you never know which other star will be featured together with Teto-chan in the next video, but one thing is for sure – she is present in each and every one of them!

Teto YouTube banner

What is The Miracle Diva Project? Very simple – It´s the initiative born as the result of the efforts of Kasane Teto´s fans in the Western World to convert to their favorite virtual singer… into a worldwide star!. The founder of this movement, known as “Ksanete” in the web, clearly states in it´s manifest:

We are promoting “The Miracle Diva Project” which supports to Kasane Teto to launch her virtual singer trajectory in America and the rest of the Western World. The individual aims of this project are listed below.

  1. Give to know more of Teto in the West and of course in the rest of the World.
  2. Achieve that the audience loves Teto and her songs.
  3. Show: News, music composers, lyric´s writers, video producers and creators of whichever other Teto´s material.
  4. Accomplish that both channels of “The Miracle Diva Project” become official for Kasane Teto´s  Songs.
  5. Achieve that Teto´s popularity exceed the fame of whichever other virtual singer.
  6. Generate enough interest to musicians for join them to offer great concerts, with Kasane Teto as the main star.
  7. Finally, conquer the World! XD

Ksanete has been collecting musical videos of Kasane Teto since December of 2011, and now his youtube channel of original songs has more than 1,000 videos! and his other one of cover songs has over 100!. Both channels keep growing, so don’t think twice and subscribe, comment, listen to the playlists of Teto songs composers.

Don’t hesitate to spread the word! We believe that Teto-chan is the highest achievement of virtual music, and some of us would assert that Teto is the pinnacle of all art and entertainment! Join us in our celebration of the awesomeness of Teto-chan!


When Teto-chan is happy, we are too! “In Teto We Trust” ξ(iTωT


Best Teto Songs Producers – 3

The list of Kasane Teto songs producers continues with Sime-Saba Twisters and Miginage Hidariuchi.

shimesabaSime-Saba Twisters

Sime-Saba Twisters (シメサバツイスターズ, “Mackerel Twisters”),  whose Niconico username is しめさば (shimesaba), composes UTAU/Vocaloid songs full of energy. This is the composer you need when you want your loudspeakers to tremble incessantly!

As usual, we highlight some of his best productions:

shimesaba_tube_screamerTube Screamer (24 Dec 2009)
Be careful! The video features the artwork of Deino, the same artist who created Calcium and the 3D animation of the horror-themed Bacterial Contamination (here is one of several Kasane Teto versions).
The lyrics are available at Piapro.
shimesaba_purple_innocentPurple Innocent! (8 Aug 2011)
A duet of Kasane Teto and Hatsune Miku. It may look girly at first but  it sounds as powerful as the other songs of Sime-Saba. If you like singing maidens with flowers and swords, pure Japanese style, you’ll love this video.
The lyrics are available at Piapro.
shimesaba_dynamoDynamo (1 Feb 2012)
This is part 3 of Imperfect Quarters, a music series by Sime-Saba Twisters.
shimesaba_Under the Audial UniverseUnder the Audial Universe (7 Mar 2013)
A rather calm song by Sime-Saba’s standards. It does wake up quickly, though, thus becoming a prime example of the wide range of sound that can be achieved with Teto.
The lyrics are available at Piapro.
shimesaba  ハイゲインワンダーランドHigh Gain Wonderland (04 Apr 2013)
Released for the 5th birthday of Kasane Teto, this video also contains an excellent illlustration of a rocking Teto-san!

For more songs, here is the Sime-Saba Twisters TMDP playlist.

miginage_hidariuchi Miginage Hidariuchi

The songs of Miginage Hidariuchi, whose Niconico username is 右投左打(こっそり○○P) (Miginage Hidariuchi (Kossori○○P)), can be distinguished by their dynamic rhythm and the frequent use of the piano, along with the other instruments.

We highlight a small selection of songs by Miginage-san, but there are many others that are equally good.

miginage_hidariuchi ParadigmParadigm (パラダイム) (25 Jun 2010)
This is one of his most well-known songs, made with Kasane Teto from 2010.
Check the original Niconico upload for download links.
miginage_hidariuchi One Way TicketOne-Way Ticket (ワンウェイチケット) (18 Sep 2011)
A collaboration with Hotei Miku (布袋ミクP), who plays the guitar and also made the MMD illustration for this video. People who can understand English but not Japanese will be delighted to know that the video at our channel has English subtitles.
Also check the original Niconico upload for download links.
miginage_hidariuchi C to FSharpC to F# (5 Apr 2011)
This catchy song is accompanied by an interesting and very elaborate animation by kasuga1.
Also check the original Niconico upload for additional links.
miginage_hidariuchi unconsciousnessUNCONSCIOUSNESS (ゼンゴフカク) (28 Jan 2013)
This is one of Miginage-san’s newer songs, and is also a collaboration with Hotei Miku and the illustrator QQ (九九, “99”).
Thanks to Miginage-san, the original Niconico upload also contains additional links.

These songs are just a few, there are more at the Miginage Hidariuchi TMDP playlist!

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Best Teto Songs Producers – 2

We continue our list of our favorite song producers with MimiRobo and Lamaze! As usual, we highlight some of the author’s songs, which we think are the most representative.

mimirobo_nwp8861_niconicomimirobo_nwp8861_youtube Mimi Robo

Mimi Robo (耳ロボ), whose Niconico and YouTube username is nwp8861, is very important for Kasane Teto, because he was the first independent producer to make a song with Teto as a full-fledged UTAUloid. We’re talking about Song of the Robot with Ears (耳のあるロボットの唄, Mimi no Aru Robotto no Uta), published in 10 June 2008, that is, 2 months after the release of the Kasane Teto voicebank. A nice video was later made by Nao Toenu. All previous songs made with the voicebank were covers. Compare this song with a recent one, and you will see how much the voicebank and UTAU have changed over the years. Did it get better? Sure, but when nostalgy hits, this is the best song of all!

Two months later, in 13 September 2008, Mimi Robo released Flutter, which is really good if you need to relax. 😉

Mimi Robo was also featured in the Graduation from Lie album (which we mentioned in a previous post). His song is Return, released in 07 July 2010. If you’re a programmer, you might find the end of the video quite funny, as the producer salutes the viewer with actual computer code. If you’re not, you might find it interesting that the title of the song has more than one meaning.

It is actually quite common for Mimi Robo to reference computers and electronics in his artwork. The lyrics of Gravitation, released in 12 March 2009, is another good example. You can also see that Mimi Robo likes the views of outer space.

Here is the TMDP playlist for Mimi Robo-P. Also, Mimi Robo graciously offers a personal music exhibit, with downloads! So, if you want to have Teto-san herself sing Song of the Eared Robot right at your place, here’s your chance!


Lamaze (ラマーズP), also known as Gojimaji (ごじまじP or ゴジマジP) and Nanashi (名無し, “anonymous”) at Niconico, is the producer of some of the most famous UTAU songs ever. Seriously, this author managed to produce not one nor two, but four Internet memes. The first two, Geddan and Po Pi Po, are not directly related to UTAU (although there are, naturally, many Kasane Teto versions of both). Triple Baka and Fukkireta, on the other hand…

Triple Baka (驫麤~とりぷるばか~, “Fool Fool Fool ~Triple Fool~”), despite being a Vocaloid song, can still be considered an original Teto song because our bread-loving chimera is an integral part of the original composition. Take a look at the original video, and watch the comments go crazy at 2:18, which is —you guessed it— the Kasane Teto solo! It was released in 13 June 2008, and, therefore, uses the very first Teto voicebank. You also probably noticed that the video is a cartoon that consists of relatively few frames, all original drawings by Lamaze-P. These, often left uncolored, drawings can be considered his trademark. For a more colorful version, watch this video, and check out the description for links and additional information. And yes, this song inspired many variations, and several cosplay reenactments.

Fukkireta (吹っ切れた, “Blown off”), from 2010, quickly became the most widespread meme built around a Teto song, published for her birthday in 2010 by Chinaru. It is also known as Ochame Kinou (おちゃめ機能, “Mischievous function”), which is the title of the song (Fukkireta is the title of the background music, composed by Lamaze-P). Lamaze also created the video that would later actually spawn the meme. As usual, Lamaze-P did not color his drawings. He didn’t have to: fans did.

Lamaze-P produced other songs that are very catchy, for example, Overdue Player, released in 15 December 2008, and Barrage Button (連打ボタン), released in 26 March 2009. For those who don’t need sophisticated lyrics to enjoy the voice of little Teto-chan, he published in 2008 a pair of very simple music loops, that die-hard fans of the older, 2008 voicebank would love to hear.

Here is the complete Lamaze/Gojimaji TMDP playlist!

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Part 3 (Sime-Saba Twisters, Miginage Hidariuchi) ⇒


Best Teto Songs Producers – 1

There are many UTAU users who make songs for Kasane Teto. With the aim of presenting the best, we decided to start a series of articles about original Kasane Teto songs producers.


Ketora (ケトラ), also known as Kaeru Jitensha (かえる自転車, “Bicycle Frog”), creates music that is special: the melody of many of his songs is, at the same time, melancholic and uplifting. He can also be distinguished by his frog character, which he uses to represent himself. Many of his videos end with a drawing of the frog, saying “thanks” to the audience. The frog jumps with great enthusiasm, but without displaying a lot of happiness, just like Ketora’s music.

Ketora is the author of Tetrapod (Nov 2008), which was featured in the Teto‘s compilation album “Graduation from Lie“. This song was remade in 2009.

His other creations include songs like End of the World (Nov 2008), Sayonara Distance (Sep 2009), Tatsunoko Drive (Dec 2010) and Negative Legacy1 (May 2011). He is also the creator of Orbital (Dec 2008), a very nice music video that now can only be found as covers2 and reuploads. As you can see, he was among the first Kasane Teto producers.

In 2009, Ketora also followed the tradition of releasing a song on Teto‘s birthday: Infinite Train (無限トレイン).

Besides using UTAU and other synthesizers, Ketora also plays the guitar.

Watch the TMDP playlist for KetoraP!

death_ohagiDeath Ohagi

Death Ohagi (デスおはぎ, “Death Ohagi“), also known as Matsutoya (松任谷) is known for his many collaborations with Oyamano Mayo herself, who illustrated many of his videos. He is also a guitarrist, and sometimes provides just the off-vocal track of the song, leaving the rest to the skilled UTAU composer Yura Honya (ゆらほにゃ).

He was also featured in the “Graduation from Lie” album. His song Murphy’s Law was chosen to close the track list. With a duration of 12:34, it is one of the longest Kasane Teto songs ever.

In 2009, shortly before Teto‘s birthday, Death Ohagi released the song Strongest Teto Plan (最強テットテト計画, saikyō tettoteto keikaku), which became a hit3, spawned several remixes, and was featured in a video game4.

For the 2010 Teto‘s birthday, he released Exuberance of Beautiful Flowers, a song based on the shōnen manga Rurouni Kenshin (released in America as Samurai X).

In July 2012 he once again found inspiration in manga, this time in Oreimo (俺妹), and released a pair of songs based on it.

Also in 2012 he was featured again in a major compilation album0401 -The Best Days of Kasane Teto). His song Life is short to love! is track 11.

2013 saw the release of the superb songs Japanesque All Night, with illustrations by Oyamano Mayo and a guitar solo by Wazama (ワザマ), and An Ideal Day For Disappearance (失踪日和). Both are part of an album, Fascinating Japanese Picture Scroll and Tettoteto Strongest Sound Source Collection, respectively. Other albums are also available for purchase.

We expect more to come from this producer. Meanwhile, you can check out the Death Ohagi TMDP playlist!

Part 2 (Mimi Robo, Lamaze) ⇒

1. Also featuring the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin.
2. Also featuring the UTAUloid Sekka Yufu.
3. With more than 130,000 views of the original upload alone.
4. And then there’s this.


TETOYA at Comiket

One day, on the wall of a certain fan community, this picture appeared:

Someone, somewhere is making lots of Tetos! This phenomenon deserved to be investigated. This is what we found out.

An independent artist, whose presents himself as James Biyori, builds these cute dolls, which he calls TETOYA (テトヤ), and sells them for a price that seems to be around 4000 yen (~40$, or ~30€). The smallest dolls fit in the palm of the hand, while the biggest can reach up to 50cm (~20 inches).
Biyori-san shows us in Twitter the materials and tools he uses to make the figures:

Work begins with the cute metal skeletons, which Biyori-san covers with all the details of the classic Teto-chan dress:

The head requires special attention, particularly the cute “drills”, which, by the way, are really long when unrolled:

After several weeks, a new and cute company is ready to search for the ones who will become the happy owner of a little Teto-chan:

After a cute photo shoot, the dolls get into their packaging boxes and head to events like Comiket:

Comiket, for those who don’t know yet, is a dōjinshi (同人誌 = “publications by literary groups”) fair, that is, a place where manga fans and amateurs can distribute their own works. However, if you plan to go and buy one of the TETOYA dolls, you must take into account one thing: they sell out on the first day!


All photos in this post are property of jamesbiyori.


Russian community: Kasane Territory: Kasane Teto & Ted Fan Group

Here is another proof that Teto-chan is loved all over the world!

While casually snooping around Twitter, we discovered yet another Kasane tweet feed. It turned out to be the Twitter account of Kasane Territory: Kasane Teto & Ted Fan Group, which is no less than the largest online community in Russia that is dedicated exclusively to Kasane Teto and her brother Kasane Ted!

Their community wall has been regularly updated since at least 2012, mostly with Teto and Ted pictures, songs and videos. They also feature many other things, like news related to Teto and other UTAU/Vocaloid characters, stunning cosplay photographs, displays of figurines, and much more.

Featured artwork includes not only illustrations found around the web. There are also original submissions by members of the groups. They even held a fan art contest! We don’t know whether there will be another such contest in the future, but you can always join in, comment and ❤ like!

The Tetos await you. Thousands of them!


Staff of the Kasane Territory: Kasane Teto & Ted Fan Group:

Katya Khvaevskaya
Creator Administator and Team Leader.

Polina Volnova
Responsible for menu design and avatar.

Anton Zolotoverkhy
Administator and team leader, associated.

Natasha Khomechko
Responsible for adding artifacts and symbol of the group.


And as a footnote… Guess where many of the videos come from!


Kasane Teto at Niconico

There are many Kasane Teto videos on YouTube, but you can find even more in other places! Here we will talk about the place that probably contains more Teto videos than any other website.

If you speak Japanese, or don’t mind using a website in a foreign language, then you will have a good time at Niconico (ニコニコ = “nikoniko” = smile).

For those who don’t know, Niconico is the biggest Japanese video sharing website. It is very popular in Japan. It has all kind of content and many features. One of the most interesting is that every comment is tied to a particular instant of the video. So, when you watch it, the comments appear floating above the player, at the exact time when they were posted.

The only big restriction is that registration is required before watching any video. Not a big problem, though. For most people, the simplest way is to use the English version of the website. Just look for an option to change the language. It’s probably on the bottom. Registration consists of the usual steps: provide an email, use confirmation link in the received message, then choose the username, password and other profile details.

If you don’t know Japanese, there is a more adventurous way! Somewhere in the Japanese page there is a link that says ニコニコ会員登録 (“nikoniko kaiin tōroku” = Niconico member registration). Click it, and on the next screen there will be a button labelled 一般会員登録(無料) (“ippan kaiin tōroku (muryō)” = ordinary member registration (free)). It is next to the button that says プレミアム会員登録 (“puremiamu kaiin tōroku” = premium member registration), which is not as free as the other one. Once registered, remember that you sign in with the ログイン (“roguin” = login) button and type the email, not the username.

Back on track, why did we register at Niconico? To listen to some Kasane Teto songs! There go some tips:

  • Kasane Teto is written 重音テト in Japanese. Search for that and you will get lots of results in the 動画 (“dōga” = video) section. Way more than 15,000.
  • Better still, follow this link: www.nicovideo.jp/tag/重音テト?sort=f. That way, the most recent uploads will appear first.
  • オリジナル 曲 (“orijinaru kyoku”) means original music piece. We highly value original Kasane Teto songs. People who make those are very talented.
  • カバー (“kabā”) means cover. It is always nice to see Teto-chan taking on a famous (or not so famous) song. Often these songs come with an interesting animation. And, of course, they are always better than the original!
  • PV = Promotional Video. These are cool.
  • Videos have tags. The tags can be visually identified as a string of links. Something like this:
    重音テトNiconico dictionary symbol UTAUNiconico dictionary symbol オリジナル曲Niconico dictionary symbol
    If you pay attention to those, you will gradually learn to easily identify the content of the video.
  • If a tag ends with a capital P, you can safely bet that whatever precedes the P is the name of the Producer of the song. Many producers have a unique style that can be intuitively identified within 3 seconds into the song!